Island Living In Wales

If simply staying in a self-catering cottage by the beach or with a sea view on the coast of the mainland is not enough, you can also experience renting a holiday accommodation in one of the islands in Wales. This is, in fact, the ultimate option for those who truly love the sea. Luckily, there are quite a few islands that are large enough to offer some sea view holiday accommodation to those who want to try it out.

Here are some islands that you can actually stay on for an island holiday experience like no other. Search for sea view cottages Wales to find a great selection of island retreats on or near the shoreline.

Caldey Island

This island can be found in Pembrokeshire and is quite unique because of its history. A Celtic monastery was actually built and opened here in the 6th century, so it is also popular as a religious place to stay. For example, there is the St. Philomema’s retreat house open during the warmer months of Spring and Summer, where larger groups can find enough space for everyone. For pairs or small families, there are also a few self-catering options for rent. The island is not very difficult to access, from Tenby, all it takes is a short boat trip.

Bardsey Island

This island is also only 2 miles across Bardsey Sound, making it easily accessible by boat. However, this 2.5 miles long and max 0.5-mile wide island is a National Nature Reserve and at the same time, a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is, in fact, a very important island because it is a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Area because of the birds that come to breed here. Beyond the 310 types of birds that have been spotted on the island, you can also see gray seals and even a very rich variety of plant life.

You can definitely try staying close to the wonderful wildlife in one of the 12 properties let out by the Bardsey Island Trust. Though the options are not as many, they vary in terms of size, making it possible for all types of guests from couples and all the way to groups to book accommodation.

Skokholm Island

Off the Southwest coast of Pembrokeshire is Skokholm, a remote island with high cliffs made of sandstone and a wild landscape that has not been spoiled by human civilisation. It is even smaller than Bardsey Island, also half a mile across at most and only a mile long. You can easily explore every part of the island!

Even more interesting, the limited accommodation means there are at most 26 people on the island at a time. The population of seabirds that nest here outnumbers humans by almost 10,000 to 1. The crazy sounds from the puffin, razorbills, gulls and much more make the island feel more alive.

These islands offer you an experience like no other, like being completely outnumbered by birds or seeing grey seals daily. It is also living quite off the grid, as amenities might be more limited than staying on the mainland. Expect less reliable sources of energy and be prepared by bringing enough food items with you to last during the trip. You might also have to plan well to avoid issues getting on and off the island. It may sound scary, but those who want to try living an island life, Welsh-type, then it is worth booking a room or your own cottage!