Celebrity Hobbies and Interests

We see them on television but after they shoot they usually go back to their normal lives. Yes celebrities do not always live for the lights, camera and action. They also have hobbies. Some are weird and some are just outward funny.

  1. Oprah Winfrey – Philanthropy, Acting, Broadway Producer, Reading, Political Fundraising

Television host Oprah is, according to some, the most influential woman in the world. So how the heck does she have time for all of these hobbies? Well, there’s no evidence of drug use (though that would be a fun rumor to start), so we’re assuming she’s some sort of superhuman hobbyist. What else can we say–we like her!


  1. Tiger Woods – Diving, Spear fishing and Physical Fitness

Surprise, surprise–Tiger Woods isn’t just adept at golfing. He’s also a diver who’s traveled all over the world diving and spear fishing (because, you know, he can afford it). The physical fitness part is, ummm, pretty darn obvious.

  1. Johnny Depp – Playing with Dolls

Yes, that’s right. Actor Johnny Depp has found the inherent joy of sharing tea time with Barbie and Ken. What else can we say? We love Johnny Depp, weird hobbies and all. He can do no wrong in our eyes.

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There is another bunch of celebrities who engage in nerdy hobbies and nerdy interests. Yes they do not look nerdy but they have gone as far as tattooing there nerdiness on their skin.

Vin Diesel

You might know him as a tough guy, but Vin Diesel has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since the 1970s. In addition to having one of his character’s names — “Melkor” — tattooed near his belly button, Vin Diesel was tapped to pen the foreword for the book 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons and Dragons.

Rod Stewart

It might seem like rock stars and model train sets go together like smartphones and water parks, but Rod Stewart will happily prove otherwise. Stewart keeps a model train set in his home. Every three years, he appears on the cover of Model Railroader magazine, which he claims “is better than Rolling Stone.” Stewart is well-known among the modeling community for his 1,500-square-foot scale model of New York’s Grand Central Station circa 1940, which he constructed on a road tour.

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Some celebrities love swimming in a synchronized manner but they need someone to watch them. Others simply love good old knitting and some even collect insects. All these goes to prove that celebrities do have a life.

Kate Moss Synchronized Swims

Kate Moss traveled to Phuket, Thailand, to do a week of synchronized swimming training. At the end, she performed for friends like Naomi Campbell and Jamie Hince. A spy reported, “The only blip in the evening was when a rather tipsy Kate tried to jump back in the pool at midnight for an impromptu solo performance. Boyfriend Jamie Hince had to physically hold her back.” [I’m Not Obsessed]

David Arquette Knits

David Arquette loves a little stich n’ bitch. Apparently, he is big into knitting.

Claudia Schiffer Collects Insects

But her collection isn’t the creepiest, crawliest we found. Claudia Schiffer gets that award. She not only collects mounted insects—she’s also into insect paintings. Gross.

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