Beginners Tutorial For Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is one of the more popular forms of poker. It is so popular that it is even featured on several shows on television.

If you want to learn how to play poker, playing Texas Holdem is a good way to start. The essentials of the game are the same – whether you play the game at home, online, or in real casinos.

How do you play Texas Holdem?

1. Antes are hardly ever used in Texas Holdem. The first couple of players (referred to as the small and large blinds) positioned to the dealer’s left start the game by placing pre-set bets. They are said to be “placing the blinds.”

These players make the mandatory bet to ensure that the players have something to play for in case nobody wants to make bets after this point. The burden of posting the blinds rotates among the players from one round to the other so that each one shares the responsibility right through the game.

2. The dealer then distributes the cards face-down, giving each player two cards. You get only these two cards – the pocket or hole cards. You are the only one who can use these two cards; no other player is allowed to see these cards, in contrast to the community cards.

3. Once everybody receives his hole cards, the bets are placed. The player positioned to the left of the small and large blinds starts this pre-flop, as this particular round of betting is called. Each player can call, raise, or fold when his turn comes.

4. At the end of the pre-flop round, the dealer takes out the deck’s top card and discards it. This card is labeled the Burn Card. Discarding it ensures that there is no cheating.

The dealer then puts 3 cards face up in the center in a round referred to as the Flop. You, or any other player, can use any of the three cards for making the best 5-card hand you can with your hole cards. However, touching the cards is not allowed.

5. Another round of bets follows. Some players may fold at this time.

6. Once the betting is done, the dealer then burns another card. He then deals the fourth card (called the Turn Card) from the communal cards.

7. The players place their bets once more. At this point, the pot usually gets much bigger.

8. The dealer then burns the top card on the deck once more. He then turns over the River Card, the final card.

9. You get your last chance to either raise the bet or bail out of the game.

10. All the remaining players now show their cards by putting them face up on the table in what is called the Showdown. The dealer declares the player who has the best hand as the winner. The winner gets to take the pot.
If you’re interested in playing Texas Holdem, either as a beginner or experienced player, be sure to check out the bet online poker reviews before you make a decision where to play.

Texas Holdem is not a difficult game to learn. You may need to practice often, though, to develop skills and strategies to ensure more wins. You can start playing by using play money in online casinos. Once you have acquired more self-confidence, you can start playing games with ultra-low stakes, then progress to medium-stakes.

Poker Beginners Guide to TexasHoldem Part 5/6